Paul Kruegel


Paul is a digital strategy and brand marketing consultant, entrepreneur, optimistic humanist, simplicity worshipper, maker, technology enthusiast, has a sincere drive for getting things done and loves his flowers.

He worked for Computec Media as the Head of Layout at the age of 22, developing magazine titles and setting up lean production workflows. After years working in industry Paul became self employed and worked in lead on large product and media campaigns, corporate designs and advertising work for clients like Premiere Fernsehen (now Sky Television), IDG Media, AIDA Cruises, Nestlé Schöller, Adidas, ALDI Nord, Medion, Carl Gross, DJ Mizati and Siemens Healthineers to name a few.

He was also the leading founder at rethynk® germany gmbh. With their kookee® app technology they made digital publishing more easily accessible, easier to control and easier to share and spread.

He's up for hire as an experienced digital strategy and brand marketing consultant. him.